The Stages of Hair Transplants Process And The Procedure

Hair Transplants which is also known by the synonym Follicular Unit Transplants is becoming more popular in between the people who are facing some unit baldness on their head and want to have an instinctive look with natural hairs on the head. More »

Eyebrow Hair transplants

We have seen many of the men undergoing Hair transplants to cover up the bald area of head and because the problem is arising with much ascending rate the women are also facing the same problem and are choosing the option with open mind and heart. More »

Female Hair Transplant Cost – Valuable Money Saving Information

For the females having the problem of less or missing hairs and to have the recovery of this through Hair Transplants which is a surgical procedure is the best option. But before giving a thought to Hair Transplant, the cost of it should be determined from at least two of the Hair Transplants specialist’s surgeons. More »

Who is a good Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery?

A Hair Transplant is the surgical procedure by which the bald person, no matters whether he or she gets the replacement of missing hairs by getting some operation done. More »

Hair transplants Surgery- Opposable and Proposals

When you are choosing whether to have a Hair transplant for your bald head then considering some important facts this can be your best decision of life or can be the worst one. More »

Important Hair Transplants Facts

Due to the genetic defects in the males, at some particular age the level of testosterone hormone which is the main hormone in the males keep ascending in amount and then the release of this hormone affects the hair follicles up to the great extent. The result of this affecting leads to falling of the hair by becoming thin and then becoming loose. But the hairs that are transplanted through Hair Transplants are not affected by the hormonal level and thus are stable for life time.

There are some facts which are common to hear by someone:

  1. You may hear of loosing someone’s hair by change in climate with change in place or by changing in food habits. But this is factual in some of the cases as this is mainly hereditary in most of the cases and the ancestor’s genes are the reason for this. But now they are easy to recover these days with the help of Hair Transplants in which the hair follicles are removed from the site where the permanent hairs are present and then to transplant on the site where the hairs are missing.
  2. You might have seen that the bald person is still present with some of the hair behind ears and back of the head. These hairs are not under the affect of Testosterone hormone and they don’t get thin with the affect of this hormone. These hairs can be used as the donor hairs by the surgeon for Hair Transplants as these behave like the permanent one.
  3. The hairs that are received by a Hair Transplant are the permanent ones because as they are implanted from the sight which does not get affected by the hormone level, and thus they behave like the permanent ones and remain for life time.
  4. The work of the technician of your doctors matters a lot in the success of Hair Transplants. The work of the technician is to make grafts and place them on the selected place. So if the work of technician is fast and good then there will be more chances of having the work accomplishment in fast and good manner. Thus enquiring about the technician work before the beginning of Hair Transplants matter a a lot.
  5. The proper planning of Hair Transplants is good for the outcome of the treatment. The proper planning includes the number of sessions required for the completion of treatment, the type of incisions that are to be made, the donor site selection, the follow up sessions that are required and the preparation of the patient’s mind before the treatment. All this leads to proper planning and it indicated a successful treatment.
  6. The less time that is required for the Hair Transplant treatment leads to more success than the more time Hair Transplants. This is the basic of transplantation that less is the time to transplant any thing in the body more are its chances for its success.

These facts should be kept in mind before the beginning of Hair Transplants.

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